FIVE STARS: How Displaying Customer Reviews Could Revolutionize Your Business

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Whether you’re buying something that costs $5 or $500, when you are parting with your own hard-earned money, you want to be sure you are making the right decision.

As well as reading the specifications of an item, your decision will be influenced by what others think of it.

Research suggests that product reviews are one of the integral parts of conversion rate optimization, so incorporating them seamlessly into your business is one of the best way to see your sales soar. It also shows your customers that you are a legitimate brand that can be trusted.

Don’t be afraid to give your customers a voice online — here’s how you can benefit.

Enriching your customer experience

The internet allows users to instantly access a wealth of knowledge on your brand — so make sure that what they find on your site proves that you are:

  • Legitimate
  • Genuine
  • Trusted
  • Popular.

Statistics show that 69% of online shoppers say they want products to be brought to life with product reviews — and we are all guilty of chuckling over a funny Amazon review or two.

Incorporate testimonials, reviews, and case studies into your website framework to give the consumer what they want and boost your sales.  Make them easy to find on your main navigation, product pages, and landing pages. Use standout quotes to clarify what you can do for people.

Start to build trust

The fact that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation shows that this globalized, digital world is one where customer endorsement is held in high regard.

A company that clearly showcases its reviews and customer comments is one that’s committed to customer satisfaction and transparent about the quality of its goods/service. A company with great customer relations is one on the road to success — so don’t be shy about sharing what people are saying about you online and on social media.

Find the right format

A simple star rating works well for most products/businesses as it’s universally understood.

However, if you are selling a more complex product or service, you may want to break the review up into categories such as ‘design’ or ‘quality’. As well as a star rating, some companies break each review down into subcategories which means more clarity for the consumer.

Boost your SEO

Websites that are regularly updated are championed by search engines and pushed further up the rankings.  Just by having an active review section you are increasing your chances of featuring in a good position on the search engine results page.

Also, consumers quite often search the words ‘ratings’ or ‘review’ along with a product name, so you will be more likely to get an increase in organic traffic too.

Create a campaign

As well using customer testimonials alongside the products to increase sales, they can be used in further marketing too.

If you have particularly glowing reviews, you can turn these into snappy sound bites and use them on your homepage, in your marketing videos and within your e-communications to shine a positive light on your brand.

Encourage feedback

It’s all well and good having the facility to leave reviews on your website, but if you don’t ask for feedback, the likelihood is that you’ll receive very little. The good news is that seven out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to, so a friendly follow up email should do the trick to get the responses flowing.

There are even services out there that will capture data from your customers and collate it into a handy, easy-to-digest reviews on your site, allowing you to easily scale your online reputation management.

Respond to reviews

When you are first starting out in business, customer relations are more important than ever. In order to build a good rapport and show you care, start replying to customer reviews.

If they are good, simply say how happy you are and that you appreciate the glowing feedback.

If, however, you do receive bad feedback, it’s important not to shy away from it. Respond to the negative review as quickly as possible, be very apologetic but always professional and try to resolve the issue as best as you can – consider a partial refund or a discount code for next time as a gesture.  You can actually turn that frown upside down and convert an unhappy reviewer to a brand advocate — here’s how to make a bad review into a positive experience.

Be social media savvy

Not all of your feedback will come via email responses, as some of your consumers may choose to get in touch on your social channels. If there’s a complaint or negative comment, ask the user to get in touch directly and give them your email, as this will avoid you airing your dirty laundry in public.

However, if you get a complimentary tweet or post, then make sure you retweet or repost to share the positivity. The concept of social proof is the psychological force that tells an individual that a particular action is better since other people are doing the same thing and by spreading the word that people love your brand, others will begin to come on-board too!

Customer research has shown that consumers want product reviews and the proof really is in the pudding as conversion rates do increase with easy-to-understand product reviews. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get those five-star ratings flooding in!

I’m a content extraordinaire, and I enjoy nothing more than helping brands expand their reach to meet new business goals. I spend my time dreaming up effective content strategies and I just love being instrumental in the success of brands of all shapes.

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